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Seminars for Academic Success

Overwhelmed by having too much to do in college? Try our seminar “There’s Never Enough Time: Fitting It All In” for help.

Confused by the vast information on the Internet? Come to “How to Find the Best, Not the Most,” a seminar aimed at assisting students in use of the Internet for college-level academic research.

All Wesley students are encouraged to attend our Seminars for Academic Success (SAS), an extensive series of workshops designed to provide training in both collegiate learning and personal and academic success. Taken in total, the entire series would comprise a comprehensive training program offering guidelines leading to academic success. Seminars are led by professional staff members from both the Student Success & Retention and other campus professionals.

In a typical semester, a full slate of Seminars is offered at a variety of times, so students have access despite their busy schedules. Seminars are held in Wells Theater and other comfortable campus locations, with projection and interactive capabilities so that students can participate and hear more than just lectures.

Seminars for Academic Success attendance is required for students enrolled in AS198 Academic Strategies for Excellence or the Academic Recovery Program, but ALL students are welcome and sure to benefit from them!

Need a schedule? Copies are always available in the Academic Success Center’s (ASC) information kiosk; or download the current semester’s schedule of Seminars for Academic Success below.

Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule