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Wesley College Posters Selected for 2012 American Chemical Society Showcase

Posted January 12th, 2012 at 4:42pm
Wesley College junior mathematics major, Melissa Earley, stands next to her poster.

Wesley College junior mathematics major, Melissa Earley, stands next to her poster.

Wesley College faculty and students collaborated to present undergraduate research at the American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in March 2012 in San Diego. Three of the nine posters that Wesley students and faculty will present were selected to be showcased at Sci-Mix, a large meeting-wide poster event, at the conference. These posters represent the best science and presentations that the society has to offer.

Two of the chosen Wesley posters are student presentations.

  • Melissa Earley, a mathematics major in her junior year, worked with Dr. Natalia Roberts, assistant professor of computer and information sciences and associate of the Delaware Biotechnology Institute at the University of Delaware, on development of a freely available online drug database. Dr. Malcolm J. D’Souza, Wesley College professor of chemistry, is the principal author on this project. Their work was sponsored by the DEINBRE grant.
  • Junior biological chemistry major Aaron Givens worked with Dr. Qiquan (Josh) Wang, assistant professor of chemistry at Delaware State University, to identify the presence of the hormone estrogen in chicken waste. Dr. D’Souza is co-author on this project. Givens explains that estrogen can be carcinogenic even at low concentrations, so a high concentration in this waste could be an environmental issue. Their work was sponsored by the DE-EPSCoR grant.

Both students agree on the value of conducting undergraduate research and the experience of presenting at a national conference as an undergraduate. Earley says, “Doing research as an undergraduate is honestly an opportunity that I did not think was possible. It is a wonderful experience that I feel is molding me into a well-rounded individual, equipping me to better succeed in the future.” This will be Givens’s second time at ACS, and he says “the opportunity is just as incredible.”

Dr. D’Souza will present the third Wesley poster outlining the college’s chemical health and safety achievements attained via the various renovation projects funded through the National Science Foundation, INBRE, and EPSCoR. Mary Ann Yaeger, supervisor of lab services, is co-author on the poster.