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Wesley College Chemistry Department Participates in Family Science Adventure Day

Posted November 30th, 2012 at 4:22pm
Group Photo

Michael Hickey, Justin Collins, Jasbir Deol, Catherine Gross, Melissa Savin, Kaitlyn Fabian, Kaylee Miller, Maryeah Pavey, Dr. D’Souza, Karri-Jo Wallis, Victor DeBarros, and James Welsh.

The Delaware Section of the American Chemistry Society (DE-ACS) hosted a Family Science Adventure at the Independence School in Newark, Delaware November 3. The event’s goal is to make science exciting and interesting to younger children and allow parents and children to work together in fun hands-on activities that could possibly peak a kids future interest in science. These activities typically include experiments that have an emphasis on chemistry and physics principles. Students had the option to walk around the Independence School activity room where tables are setup with a variety of science experiments so that the children could participate actively or they can just watch a demonstration.

For the past 10 years Wesley College has participated in this event as a result of the initiatives taken by Dr. Malcolm D’Souza’s Organic II chemistry class. D’Souza’s entire class participated this year. They composed, developed and demonstrated several different “green” experiments that were based on pertinent chemical principles. Together with D’Souza, the students who participated in this year’s event were Victor DeBarros, Jasbir Deol, Kaitlyn Fabian, Catherine Gross, Kaylee Miller, Maryeah Pavey, Melissa Savin, Michael Hickey, Justin Collins, Karri-Jo Wallis and James Welsh. The choice of this year’s experiments for the five Wesley College Kids n’ Chemistry tables were arranged by DeBarros and Pavey. The Wesley College participation was sponsored in part by the DE-INBRE and DE-EPSCoR grants.