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The Project WiCCED Network in Action, November 2019

Posted November 20th, 2019 at 10:39am

Greetings! Project WiCCED team members have been hard at work. Here are a few updates from the field, lab and classroom.

Ghost Forests

Wesley student working in Ghost Forests programDr. Stephanie Stotts of Wesley College is currently studying how to approach the environmentally pressing issue of Ghost Forests. Ghost forests are forests that are now dead due usually to saltwater from the rise of sea-level.

Stotts’s work primarily focuses on how the tree-ring series of ghost forests provide information on when they formed and what signals the change of a regular forest to a ghost forest. This research is a part of Threat 4 of Project WiCCED, which focuses on ecological stresses from nutrients and salinization.

“The students in the pictures are from SN100 Frontiers in Science: Climate Change. This class fulfills the science requirement for non-science majors and is designed to teach scientific literacy. Students in the class helped collect cores that were analyzed by an EPSCoR summer intern. The results will be presented at the upcoming Delaware Wetlands Conference.” – Dr. Stotts.

Project WiCCED is made possible by the National Science Foundation EPSCoR Grant No. 1757353 and support from the State of Delaware.