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SSR Presents Two Posters at 2021 AACU Conference

Posted February 12th, 2021 at 11:11am

On February 11, members of the SSR team presented two posters at the American Association of Colleges & Universities Conference on General Education, Pedagogy, and Assessment: Embracing the Best Emerging Practices for Quality and Equity. AAC&U is a national association, founded in 1915, of professionals who work to advance liberal education’s quality and equity. AAC&U currently has over 1,200 member institutions of all kinds, including private, public, and community colleges.

Dr. Danielle Archambault, SSR Associate Director, and Kendall Wilson-Lamourine, Career Advising Coordinator, presented a poster titled: “Virtual Handshakes: Using a First-Destination Survey & Handshake Technology to Create Career Equity for Minority-Serving Institution Graduates.” Their poster highlighted the results from the First Destination Survey (FDS), which gathered data from May 2020 graduates about their current employment. The FDS data showed that most respondents were female graduates who were currently working.

Amy Kellen, Student Success Outreach Coordinator,and Eryn Cahoon, Success Outreach Specialist, presented a poster titled: “Using an Institutional Survey to Measure the Impact of COVID-19 on Student Success.” Their poster displayed their Student Impact Survey instrument and the data gathered from it. Data suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual learning it requires had a negative effect on students’ mental health, grades, and motivation.

Dr. Danielle Archambault

Kendall Wilson-Lamourine GCDF, M.S.

Eryn Cahoon, B.S.

Amy Kellen, M. Ed.