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Scholars Day Features Student Research

Posted April 24th, 2018 at 4:30pm

Kassandra Rodriguez participates in Scholars Day.

Wesley College held its annual Scholars Day event on Thursday, April 19. The event was an opportunity for members of the College community to come together and celebrate scholarly endeavors.

“Our students work for months in preparation for this event doing undergraduate research and preparing their presentations,” said Scholars Day Chair Dr. Agashi Nwogbaga. “It is wonderful seeing the students put all of their hard work together and share it with others.”

The day consisted of presentations and performances that demonstrated achievements and research by students. Peers of the participating students, faculty and staff as well as the general public attended the program.

More than 115 students participated in Scholars Day this year including some students from our neighboring institutions – Delaware State University and Delaware Technical Community College. The projects ranged from musical performances, oral presentations, artwork exhibits, recitations, and poster displays that took place at various locations around the Wesley campus. Following the presentation sessions, a reception was held to recognize all of the participants.

This year’s event had 12 Five-Star Mentors, or current mentors who have mentored students in undergraduate research for five or more Scholars-Day years. These mentors include Prof. Barbara Abbott, Prof. Susan Redington Bobby, Dr. Kathleen Curran, Dr. Malcolm D’Souza, Dr. Frank Fiedler, Dr. David Laganella, Dr. Cynthia Newton, Dr. Nwogbaga, Dr. Stephanie Stotts, Dr. Yu Tian, Dr. Derald Wentzien, and Dr. James Wilson. Many of the professors involved have actually mentored for ten or more years of the program.

“Scholars Day is a day of celebration of undergraduate research mentored by supportive faculty that go the extra mile to nurture, inspire and motivate a community of learners through enriched intellectual engagement,” said Dr. Nwogbaga.

The Scholars Day committee included Wesley faculty members: Dr. Nwogbaga (Chair), Dr. KellyAnn Miller, Dr. Albee Mendoza, Dr. Yu Tian, Professor Vilma Lazo-Butera, and Professor Darla Davidson. Many more faculty and staff volunteered and helped in the event as well.

Delaware State University Research Professor and Extension Specialist of Natural Resources in the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Gulnihal (Rose) Ozbay, was the featured speaker for the event. She has extensive experience mentoring undergraduate research.

A number of the undergraduate research activities at Wesley College are sponsored in part with grants from the State of Delaware, the NIH-NIGMS-INBRE, the NSF-EPSCoR, the NASA DESGC, and the NSF S-STEM programs. Scholars Day itself is sponsored in part through funds obtained from the College, the Student Government Association, the NSF-EPSCoR, and the NIH-NIGMS-INBRE programs.

Visit Wesley’s Flickr page to see photos from the event. For more information visit the Scholars Day visit https://wesley.edu/academics/scholars-day.