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New Survey Shows Wesley and Other Liberal Arts College Faculty Make a Difference in Students’ Lives

Posted February 15th, 2019 at 3:16pm

Kristen Griffith

Wesley College knew this all along. All you have to do is ask students and faculty.

Now, the rest of the country does too.

U.S. college students who study the liberal arts feel a stronger connection to their faculty than students at larger institutions, according to a recent Gallup survey.

About 32,000 undergraduate students at 43 colleges were asked their opinions about their experiences with faculty. Students were asked to rate the level of agreement with several statements regarding faculty members including:

• They had professors who cared about them as people.
• They had at least one professor who made them excited about learning.
• They had a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their goals and dreams.

According to a recent Forbes article by Michael T. Nietzel https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeltnietzel/2019/02/01/good-news-for-the-liberal-arts-and-small-colleges/#790956a92a4e, the results show that “students majoring in the liberal arts (languages, literature, history, philosophy and the creative arts) were significantly more likely than those majoring in business, science and engineering, or the social sciences to strongly agree with each of the three items.”

Nearly three-quarters of liberal arts majors “strongly agreed they had at least one professor who excited them about learning,” compared to two-thirds in the social sciences and a little more than half in science and engineering, and business.

More than a third of liberal arts students reported being encouraged by a mentor; in contrast, only a quarter of social science students and a fifth of business and science and engineering students said they were encouraged.

Wesley College students don’t need a survey to tell them what they already knew – that the College’s faculty cares about them and their success.

“My professor not only taught me the basics of journalism, but his teaching and mentorship in and outside the classroom laid the foundation for the career I want to continue for the rest of my professional life. His lessons were often repeated by my graduate school professors, his advice was put to use during my internships at local and national news outlets and his never-ending support is the reason I reached my goal to be a full-time news reporter,” said Kristen Griffith ’17 a multimedia communication major from Waldorf, Maryland.

“I credit our close relationship to Wesley College’s learning environment. Its small class sizes quickly helped me become more comfortable with my professors. I’m grateful for the opportunities and achievements my professor and the college helped me reach.”