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COVID-19 impacts on the Wesley College STEM program

Posted November 5th, 2020 at 1:01pm

Katelynn Fry

A Wesley College study of the COVID-19 impacts on its STEM population appears in the Journal of Education and e-Learning Research ( Due to circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, undergraduates from lower socioeconomic backgrounds experienced adverse financial consequences, and female students expressed more significant levels of psychological stress. However, this study showed that students of both genders had struggles with isolation and motivation. Pre-COVID, 84% of STEM faculty had zero experience in online learning. Still, they seamlessly confronted the challenge of transitioning both lectures and labs to synchronous and asynchronous e-learning avenues and reported lower family and mental health stress. 92% of the STEM students’ survey responses said that STEM faculty were easily accessible outside class hours through email (49%), video conferencing (24%), text messaging (10%), and other apps (5%) or a telephone call (12%).

Lyndsey Koyanagi

Andrew Sheperd

Malcolm J. D’Souza