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2019 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference

Posted October 15th, 2019 at 8:50am

2019 IW STEM Group Photo

Eight Wesley students and four Wesley staff members actively participated in the 2019 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference on Thursday, September 26th.  This year’s conference was hosted by AstraZeneca at their headquarter location in Wilmington, DE.  All the Wesley participants gained valuable insight from this year’s keynote speakers.  To illustrate this insight, all 12 participants shared the following insight from the day.

Conference Insights

“There were so many different important messages I resonated with, but the main ones are being confident in yourself, knowing your worth, and telling yourself it’s okay to fail.” ~ Omasan Uyebi, Biology Senior

“One key takeaway for me was the difference between a comfortability zone versus a capability zone where it is healthy to get out of one’s comfortability zone while staying inside of one’s capability zone.” ~ Danielle Archambault, Assistant Director of Student Success & Retention

“I learned that it is okay to stand up and speak out for what you deserve in the working world.” ~ Alena Brown, Biology Senior

“The Inspiring Women in STEM conference was valuable to me because it revitalized me and reminded me to speak up and get more involved in my community to show my students how they can develop their career opportunities through volunteering and networking.” ~ Kendall Wilson-Lamourine, Career Advising Coordinator

“One of the many insights I gained are that your doubters and/or your past do not determine your future.” ~ Alexis Holland, Biology Senior

“The most impactful message that I gained from the Inspiring Women in STEM conference was the idea of being afraid to ask for something I want because, like many other women, I am scared of hearing the dreaded, NO. Through this conference, I learned a strategy called Q-TIP, otherwise known as ‘Quit Taking It Personally’, which I think will drastically change the way I seek new opportunities.” ~ Katelynn (Katie) Fry, Environmental Science Senior/Graduate Student

“The Inspiring Women in STEM conference reinforced for me to always surround yourself with women (and people in general), who you can truly trust during good days and challenging days.” ~ Emily Wood, Academic Research Grants Administrator

“I learned vital ways to advocate for myself and other women in a variety of situations.” ~ Sydney Hall, Environmental Science Senior

“The Inspiring Women in STEM conference provided several tips on how to get more involved in our communities – resources that I can share with students.” ~ Melanie Pritchett, STEM Programs Coordinator

“An insight I gained was that there will sometimes be a ‘Queen Bee’ in life who will try to knock me down. However, it is up to me to make sure she does not.” ~ Kassandra (Kassie) Dieter, Biology Senior

“The Inspiring Women in STEM conference was an amazing experience, and I was able to network with women who have already gone through the process of undergraduate and graduate school. I learned that I need to always believe in myself to feel empowered in every part of my life.” ~ Maryssa Roberts, Biology Senior

“With STEM being a male dominated field, the many women and female keynote speakers at the Inspiring Women in STEM conference, who shared their experiences and anecdotes with the participants, made me realize that I can do so much more than what I’ve done so far. It made me realize that it is not about luck, but that it is about strategy, hard work, patience, and persistence.” ~ Gloria Jimenez-Martinez, Biology Junior

Sponsor Support

Wesley’s participation in the 2019 Inspiring Women in STEM conference was made possible through the financial support of the following sponsors.

Delaware INBRE logo

The Delaware INBRE program, supported by a grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences – NIGMS (P20 GM103446) from the National Institutes of Health and the State of Delaware.

Sponsor logos

The Delaware EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) program funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Delaware under grant number OIA-1757353.

VWR and Bio company logos

The VWR and Bio companies each sponsored a Wesley student participant.