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Meet the Board

President – Betty Lee

Betty LeeI joined SGA because student involvement is why I am so happy being so far away from home. After moving to Delaware, I was super scared. However, by joining organizations and meeting new people, I really found a home for myself at Wesley College. I got involved in anything and everything I had time for, and could not imagine these past 3 years without the organizations that helped me get to where I am now. For my senior year, I get to serve as president of the SGA and could not be more excited to put my skills and passion into working for the students so their experience can be as good as mine. 

Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Classification: Senior
Major/ Minor: Nursing/Spanish
Extracurriculars: Founder of Sustainable Wesley, Co-Fonder of the Midnight Roast, Tutor in the ARC,
Sister of the Fairy God Sisters of DE, Camping Club, Student Ambassador
Achievements: Made Dean’s List or President’s List every semester while at Wesley

Chief of Staff – Jacob Sasso

Jacob SassoI never thought that I would be part of the SGA until I started attending the meetings regularly. I found myself more heavily involved in the campus community through the SGA. I can’t wait to provide that involvement with all of the Wesley Family, and look forward to new traditions and found memories of this year.

Hometown: Edison, NJ
Classification: Senior
Major/ Minor: Music History
Extracurriculars: ARC Tutor, Kent Chamber Choir Singer/Board Member, Wesley College Choir Singer,
Camping Club, Campus of the Nerds, Student Conduct Board Member
Achievements: Deans list 2015-2016, Co-founder of Camping Club

Secretary – Kylea Lankford

Kylea LankfordI decided to be involved in SGA because I wanted to make a huge impact on improving our institution. In order to do so, I must encourage my fellow peers to speak up and become more engaged, while I also become more involved in campus-life my Junior year. In doing so, I hope to bring insight on what they believe could be an improvement for our school. The students deserve to be heard, and I hope the SGA can come together and accomplish these goals.

Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
Classification: Junior
Major/ Minor: Biology
Extracurriculars: Lab Assistant, Sustainable Wesley member, Fairy Godsisters member, Creative Attributions model
Achievements: 2015-2016 Freshmen Baroness

Treasurer – Austin Luna

Austin LunaI chose to be part of SGA because I have been involved with organizations on campus since my freshman year of college. I started off as Treasurer of Legal Society at the end of Freshman and all Sophomore year. I then wanted to be part of more organizations, so I joined Sustainable Wesley during the second semester of my Sophomore year. Also, I was working with friends to start two organizations on campus, Camping Club and The Midnight Roast, where I would be the Treasurer for them as well by the end of my Sophomore year. I have always been interested in SGA because I was involved in so many other organizations. I wanted to improve and help get students involved on campus like myself, so second semester of my Junior year I ran for SGA Chief of Staff position and won. Here, I was able to get my foot in the door to help make a positive change on campus. Elections for the following years positions were held at the end of my Junior year and I ran for SGA Treasurer and here I am my Senior year helping  divide up the funds for all the different organizations on campus; so they can hold events to increase student involvement throughout Wesley!

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York
Classification: Senior
Major/ Minor: Biology/Pre-Med, Chemistry, and Human Biology
Extracurriculars: Cannon Scholar, Lab Assistant (Cannon Hall), Tutor (ARC), Accessioner and Grosser (Green Clinics Laboratory), and Jiu Jitsu
Achievements: Co-Founder of Camping Club and Co-Founder of The Midnight Roast

Kelsey Fitzpatrick – Vice President

Kelsey FitzpatrickI feel it is important to be involved in my community. Being part of the SGA Executive Board gives me the ability to be involved in many ways in the Wesley community. It gives me the opportunity to make or inspire changes for enhancement of our institution as well as to recognize innovations sought out by my peers. Wesley College is full of brilliant individuals, and I am honored to represent them.

Hometown: Middletown, DE
Classification: Junior
Major/ Minor: Business Administration, Political Science
Extracurriculars: Sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, Women’s soccer player
Achievements: Pioneered community service org, Deans list 2015-2016, CAC All-Academic Team 2015-2016.
Front Row (L-R): Lee, Lankford, and Fitzpatrick. Back Row (L-R): Luna and Sasso.

Front Row (L-R): Lee, Lankford, and Fitzpatrick. Back Row (L-R): Luna and Sasso.