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Master of Criminal Justice Core Requirements

Core Requirements

15 credit hours | Students must take all of these courses

  • CJ500 Criminological Theory
  • CJ501 Criminal Law and Criminal Jurisprudence
  • CJ502 Statistical Applications in Criminal Jurisprudence
  • CJ503 Ethical and Contemporary Issues in Criminal Jurisprudence
  • CJ620 Capstone Research Methods and Application Seminar

Major Electives

15 credit hours | Students must choose 5 courses

  • LJ415/CJ515 Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice
  • LJ416/CJ516 Cyber Crime: Emerging Trends
  • CJ600 Restorative Justice Model: Applications
  • CJ601 Restorative Justice in Educational Settings
  • CJ602 Restorative Justice and Victimology
  • CJ603 Special Topic Seminar (i.e., Multiculturalism and Diversity in Criminal Justice)
  • CJ604 Criminal Behavior and the Law
  • CJ605 Juvenile Justice: Theories and Issues
  • CJ606 Law and Social Policy
  • CJ607 The Criminal Justice Process
  • CJ608 Contemporary Issues in Corrections

A grade of B or better is required for all Major Requirements and Major Electives. A student must take at least 3 Restorative Justice classes in order to earn a concentration in Restorative Justice.