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International Student Housing Guide

International HousingSeventy percent of Wesley College full-time undergraduate students live in a variety of College housing. There are six residence halls on campus. Zimmerman Hall offers apartment-style living for upperclassmen, Malmberg has suite style living, Carpenter and Roe Halls offer traditional housing, and Gooding and Williams Halls provide housing for first-year students. The Honors House is uniquely positioned on campus and offers a quality housing experience for students that maintain a certain GPA and are approved by the director of the honors program.

All undergraduate students are required to live in the dorms during their first year at Wesley College unless commuting. After that time, students may choose to continue living on campus, or may choose to live off campus. Graduate students are required to live off campus.

This guide is a suggested housing list to help assist you in off campus living. While we suggest you visit your new apartment before choosing to live there, we understand many of you are still overseas, and will need to make a decision quickly. Our housing guide should help provide you with affordable off-campus housing, that are safe, and close to campus.

Steps for Choosing an Apartment

  1. Evaluate your budget for an apartment. How much can you afford? Will you need to get a roommate to cover the costs, or do you prefer to live on your own. Make sure you account for utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. **Note that some apartments include some utilities.
  2. How far are you able to move off campus? If you have a vehicle, you may be able to live further off campus. However, if you have to walk, you should choose closer. Many of the apartments have bus stops in front of, or close to their complex that allow you to use public transportation.
  3. When do you need to move in? Most apartment complexes require a security deposit that is usually refundable by the time you move out. The complex holds this money in case there are any damages to your apartment once you leave. A security deposit also tells the apartment complex that you will be living there, and holds the apartment you choose to live in. Once you have chosen an apartment, you may want to put down a deposit before you arrive to Dover so that you can move in immediately.
  4. Contact your apartment complex to set up a move-in day. You will receive your keys to the apartment the same day you sign your lease. You may choose to stay in a hotel when you first get here, and set a move in date shortly after.

Apartments for Rent