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First Year Experiences

First year programs are developed to assist students in the transition between high school and college, as well as for helping non-traditional students transition back into the learning environment. At Wesley College, students are encouraged to explore their individualized preferences and utilize their personal experiences to build their future. Wesley offers a number of supports to guide students in this process.

5 Things All First Year College Students Should Know:

  • Connect with those around you!
    • This includes peers as well as professors and support staff! Knowing where you can find these advocates and supports on campus will help you learn the ins and outs of the College, making your experience even better!
  • Be involved!
    • Attend all your classes, make and attend appointments with your advisors, and join clubs and campus activities.
  • Learn the places to study and the places to have fun!
    • Making a distinction between where you study, sleep, eat, and have fun is important in the attention and focus it takes to study. Don’t do all of these in the same space! Spread out your time in each location.
  • Stay organized
    • Create schedules and to do lists, use your calendar, and make time for leisure activities! Always remember to factor in ample sleep time and time to eat as well.
  • Know you are not alone!
    • You are not the only first year student on campus! Most students experience homesickness, academic struggles, time management, and many more first year student-related concerns. Find an accountability partner to make sure you are handling stress appropriately and reaching out for supports when you need to.

Handouts and Resources

  1. Syllabus 101
  2. Wesley Campus
  3. Study Tips
  4. Seminars for Academic Success
  5. Wesley Talk
    • This document differentiates terminology used in high school and the new meanings at the college level! Reading this will help you better understand the College’s functions.

    Jenna Gruwell, MSOT
    First Year & International Experiences Coordinator
    Parker Library PL14

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