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Rebecca Benson

Associate Professor in Nursing

Why I Teach

Teaching in higher education enables me to share knowledge gained from my own professional and life experiences with nursing students who will have opportunities to positively impact individuals and society. It is gratifying to observe students’ professional and personal growth, as well as the motivation and optimism that occur subsequent to learning.

Professional Activities

I joined the Wesley faculty in 2009, following thirty years of working in various areas of psychiatric mental health advanced practice nursing. I am particularly interested in psychophysiology in medical illness, psychological consequences of divorce on children, inclusion of nontraditional forms of psychotherapy in treatment, and spiritual events occurring during the dying process and near-death experiences.

Presentations to professional audiences have included topics of clinical depression, anxiety disorders, adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families, and psychophysiology. Presentations to nonprofessional audiences have included stress management, helping children cope with divorce, adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families, and depression and heart disease. One of my priorities in nursing education is the integration of psychiatric mental health nursing concepts throughout the curriculum.


  • DNP Chatham University
  • M.S.N., Psychiatric Mental Health, University of Delaware
  • B.S.N., University of Delaware
  • R.N., Peninsula General Hospital School of Nursing

Courses Taught

  • NR304 Palliative and End-of-Life Care
  • NR324 Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • NR230 Introduction to Pharmacology
  • NR312 Introduction to Nursing Research
  • NR403 Community Health Nursing (adjunct)

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