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Paul Olsen

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Why I Teach

One of the many secrets of life is: 'find a job you love to do and get somebody to pay you to do it.' In teaching mathematics, I am indeed blessed. For the past 38 years, there has never been a day I didn’t look forward to coming to work to teach. Getting students to understand there is more than one way to skin a cat or do a math problem is a challenge. However, when they see we all get the same answer, regardless of the technique, beauty is discovered and appreciated.

Professional Activities

  • Author: Real Estate Mathematics, 1996
  • Co-author: Mathematics for the Health Sciences, Murrell and Olsen, Addison – Wesley, 1980.
  • Coordinator of (and mathematics instructor for) the Kent County School of Real Estate, Dover, Delaware, 2001 to present.


  • M.A., Mathematics, Bowling Green State University
  • B.S., Mathematics, Bowling Green State University

Courses Taught

  • MA099 Basic Mathematics Skills
  • MA101 Fundamentals of Algebra
  • MA102 Intermediate Algebra
  • MA111 Precalculus I
  • MA112 Precalculus II
  • MA201 Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • MA205 Applied Statistics
  • MA210 Applied Calculus
  • MA211 Calculus I
  • MA212 Calculus II
  • MA291 Mathematics of Gambling
  • MA313 Calculus III
  • MA314 Elementary Differential Equations
  • BA312 Quantitative Business Analysis
  • BA502 Business Statistics

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