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Dr. Derald Wentzien

Professor of Mathematics

Why I Teach

I enjoy interacting and working with the students at Wesley College and doing research with them. Teaching at Wesley College gives me the opportunity to do undergraduate research with my students.

Professional Activities

I am a member of the Decision Sciences Institute and the EPaDel section of the Mathematics Association of America.  I do research for the Decision Sciences Institute and mentor students for Scholars’ Day projects at Wesley College.  I have written papers and presented at both the regional and national annual conference of the Decision Sciences Institute.  My research interests include the modeling of credit card delinquency, the modeling of economic variables, and the assessment of student learning in math classes.

The Scholars’ Day research topics have included: “A Statistical Analysis of Students Perceived Causation for First Semester Earned Grades,” “The Ability of Wesley College Students to Apply Learning Objectives from Their Math Course to a Follow-up Course,” “The Students’ Perception on the Keys to Academic Success,” and “The Modeling of Credit Card Delinquency.”

My latest research was a paper that I co-authored with another faculty member and a sophomore honors student majoring in math. The paper titled “The Ability of Wesley College Students to Retain Student Learning Objectives from their Math Course to a Follow-up Course” was accepted for presentation at the Northeast Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference held in Montreal, Canada in April 2011.

In 2012, I served as a faculty mentor for two students during their research that was presented at the 8th SUMS Conference at James Madison University.

Courses Taught

  • MA450 Mathematical Statistics
  • MA340 Probability Theory
  • MA360 Linear Algebra
  • MA330 Applied Mathematics
  • MA230 Finite Mathematics
  • MA205 Applied Statistics
  • MA201 Elementary Statistics
  • MA120 Computer Applications

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