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Dr. Cynthia Newton

Associate Professor of Political Science and Department Chair of History, Politics and Society Department

Why I Teach

I believe in the amazing transformative value of education. It is exceptionally rewarding for me to work with students evolving to the next levels of their lives. The small size and teaching-centered atmosphere of Wesley College are an ideal setting to work closely with students and provide a highly personalized academic experience.

Professional Activities

Area(s) of Research

  • Major League Baseball and its history and interactions with American political institutions, addressing such topics as: congressional oversight, the Supreme Court, and presidential first pitches.
  • The emergence of obesity as a public policy domain.
  • Mental Health and Illness Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Pedagogy of using college governance to address issues and understand American governing principles

Grants and Awards

  • Establishment of the Dr. Cynthia Newton Excellence in Leadership Award; Norwich University; May 2011.
  • Dodge Teaching Award Nominee; Norwich University; Fall 2010.
  •  Pi Sigma Alpha, The National Political Science Honor Society; member since 2001; also founder/charter member of Norwich University chapter 2008.

Papers and Presentations

  • “The First Spouse,” presented at the Delaware Public Archives, March 2016, Dover, DE
  •  “Women & Higher Education,” presented for the Delaware Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, March 2016, Dover, DE
  • Talk on the legacy of the presidential election of 1800; presented at the Delaware Public Archives; July 2013.
  • Americans Governing Advisory Board Member for Soomo Publishing; Ashville, NC.
  •  “Campaigns and the Public Policy Agenda;” Americans Governing; Soomo Publishing; Ashville, NC; 2012.
  • “Policy Positions;” Americans Governing; Soomo Publishing; Ashville, NC; 2012.
  • “What is Policy Analysis;” Americans Governing; Soomo Publishing; Ashville, NC; 2012.
  • “The Teacher: 2012 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference and Track Summaries;” PS: Political Science and Politics; July 2012.
  • “The US Congress and Major League Baseball: An Examination of Legislative Process Through America’s Other Pastime;” presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association; April 2011; Chicago, IL
  • Panel Chair and Discussant; “Institutions in State and Local Government;” at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association; April 2011; Chicago, IL.
  • Obesity as an Emerging Public Policy Domain; book/monograph; Verlaag Publishing; 2010.
  • State and Local Government by Kevin Smith; book review and cover comments; September 2009.
  • The Politics of Obesity; presented at Norwich University’s Annual Faculty Scholarship Presentation; October 2009.
  • “Why the Constitution is Important Today;” presented for the Teacher Workshop at the annual We the People High School Civics Competition; Montpelier, VT; May 2009.

Courses Taught

  • FY 100 Mohawks & Dreadlocks
  • HN 300 The Research Process
  • HN 400 Honors Senior Thesis
  • LJ 205 Law & Justice
  • PO231 American Politics
  • PO 260 Responsible Citizenship
  • PO 300 Special Topics in Political Science
  • PO 333 American Politics in Film
  • PO 324 State and Local Politics
  • PO 333 American Politics in Film
  • PO354 Constitutional Law: Powers
  • PO355 Constitutional Law: Rights
  • PO360 Public Administration
  • PO 363 Gender & Leadership
  • PO 365 The First Spouse
  • PO 370 The Presidency
  • PO 371 Congress
  • PO373 American Parties and interest Groups
  • PO375 Political Campaigns
  • PO376 Public Policy
  • PO 379 Issues in Public Policy
  • PO 470 Political Science Internship
  • PO 490 Contemporary Issues in Political Science

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