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Dr. Albee Mendoza

Associate Professor of Psychology

Why I Teach

Students in higher education are interesting, inspiring, and incredible. Learning their stories, contributing to their intellectual and professional growth, and understanding their perspectives draws me to the rewards and challenges of being an instructor. I take great pride in teaching psychology to my students as the majority of the concepts can be applied directly into their daily lives.

Professional Activities

Student Experiences

PY 405 Student: Dr. Mendoza is a great professor and makes sure that all of her students have the tools and the knowledge to succeed not only in her class but other classes as well.

FY 100 Student: I enjoyed working with the students from the Charlton School. It was a really great experience working with students with disabilities in the educational setting. I think it tied in well with the material and concepts we learned in class.

PY 232 Student: Dr. Mendoza clearly knows a lot about psychology but what I like most about her is how much she encourages extracurricular activities throughout the college.

PY 100 Student: I would definitely recommend this class to any and all students no matter what degree they are striving for. Psychology is important for all majors and minors in any degree.


  • Ph.D., Health Psychology, Pediatric School Psychology Concentration, East Carolina University
  • B.S., Psychology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Courses Taught

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: Fact vs. Fiction (FY 100)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PY 100)
  • Educational Psychology (PY 201)
  • The Psychology of Human Development (PY 232)
  • Honors Thesis (HN 400)
  • Psychological Testing (PY 405)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (PY 435/ED 435)
  • Psychology Senior Seminar (PY 440)

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