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Evaluating Websites

To find reliable websites use the 5 Ws of Website Evaluation: Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why?. If you can’t answer these questions it is not a reliable website.


What person or organization is responsible for the site? Are they an expert or reputable organization in the field?


You want to use sites which give you information, rather than trying to sell you something or persuade you of just one point of view. Usually sites which end in .edu, .gov, and .org will be more informative, and useful for your research, than those which end in .com. To limit your results to one type of site, add site: and the suffix to your Google search, for example or


When was the website created and updated? Is the information current?


Where did the information on the site come from? Is the information backed up by research?


If all of the other Ws are present, why should I use this website? Does it contain new or helpful information?

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