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Department: Student Affairs

Name Email Office Phone Location
Karen Alexander Receptionist karen.alexander@wesley.edu (302) 736-2412 Student Health Services Center
Latoya Anderson Student Conduct/Title IX Administrator latoya.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2585 College Center 119
Wanda Anderson Dean of Students wanda.anderson@wesley.edu (302) 736-2443 College Center 120
Quameshia Callwood Director of Campus Life quameshia.callwood@wesley.edu (302) 736-2567 Underground College Center
Carol Gauker Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs carol.gauker@wesley.edu (302) 736-2579 College Center 125
Liz Horsey Counseling Services Coordinator liz.horsey@wesley.edu (302) 736-2445 Student Health Services Center
Bonnie Mullen Chaplin of Spiritual and Community Engagement pastorbonnie.mullen@wesley.edu (302) 736-2473 College Center 124
Jiggy Patel School Nurse/Health Center Coordinator jiggy.patel@wesley.edu (302) 736-2521 Student Health Service Center
Kenny Scharnick Coordinator for Housing Operations kenny.scharnick@wesley.edu (302) 736 2586 College Center 121
Kabrea Tyler Alcohol and Other Drug Education Coordinator kabrea.tyler@wesley.edu (302) 736- 2342 College Center 123
Christopher Willis Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life christopher.willis@wesley.edu (302) 736-2458 College Center 122
Shekima M. Yarbray Area Coordinator for Upperclassmen Living shekima.yarbray@wesley.edu