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Questions from DSU Student Forum, March 23 @ 11am

  • Are commuters required they required to have meal plans?
    No. Commuters are not required to have a meal plan.
  • Can students have single rooms? What is the process?
    Some of the housing options on Main Campus are single rooms it varies by the different residence halls. There are very few singles on campus. Most are located in the University Village. They can have their own bedroom (with a door) in both the University Village and University Courtyard.
  • Do WC students have to pay a NSO fee?
    No. Wesley students will not have to pay a New Student Orientation Fee. They are considered as continuing students. The PowerPoint only had NSO/Housing together to highlight the ability to make a payment.
  • Will WC students have to pay for Nelnet set-up?
    Yes. There is a $70.00 enrollment fee for the Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan (Fall 2021). In addition Nelnet charges a 2.75% service fee for all payments processed in the form of credit/debit.
  • Will WC students have to pay the housing deposit?
    Yes – WC students will have to pay the Housing deposit and be registered for classes before they will be able to seek housing (this is not different from Wesley’s process in the past – Pre COVID). As soon as they receive their D100#’s and DSU emails, they will be in the system and be able to pay a housing deposit as stated in the Forum. The deposit amounts are $400 for apartments and $200 for Traditional. As long as they are full time (Undergrad or Graduate- UG = 12+ credits and GR = 6+ credits), they can obtain housing.
  • Will WC students have to pay an admissions or confirmation fee if they transition over?
    Only new students. Current Wesley students will not have to pay an Enrollment Fee.

Re-watch the full forum here: youtu.be/1IAFrBnD9zQ

The next DSU Student Forum will be on April 8 – time TBD. Submit your question here: www.desu.edu/about/dsu-wc-acquisition/submit-question

Further questions about housing? Email housing@desu.edu


The Spring 2021 LIVE Virtual Open House will be held Saturday, April 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At the Open House, prospective students can learn about the admissions process; meet deans, chairpersons, and faculty members; and explore academic programs, student life, internships, Summer Academy, financing options through scholarships and financial aid, and more!

Preregistration is required. Students can register today at desu.edu/openhouse.


To: Wesley College Students
Subject: Welcome from Delaware State University — Important Credentials Enclosed
Date: March 22, 2021

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and our President, Dr. Tony Allen, it is a pleasure of the Office of Admissions at Delaware State University to extend a warm welcome to you as you continue your collegiate journey at Delaware State University in the Fall 2021 semester.

To help with your transition to Delaware State University, we have enclosed information about your new DSU student credentials, including your official DSU email account. It is essential that you monitor this account regularly for important information regarding your enrollment.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to the campus as an official Hornet!

Please be sure to take the steps below and log in and access your new student profile.


To access your email account, go to my.desu.edu, click on the icon labeled EMAIL, and log on with your credentials listed below.

E-communication from the University will only be sent to your University-assigned email account. It is essential that you monitor this email account regularly and/or link this email to your personal email account to not miss any correspondence from our offices.

· DSU Email Address:

· DSU Student ID (use as your default password):


Connect with your DSU professional Advisor to register for Fall 2021 courses!


Don’t forget to let your social media family know the news about you joining DSU by using: “I am joining the Hornet family! #dsuwc.”

We encourage you to visit our website at http://www.desu.edu/about/dsu-wc-acquisition for more information about the transition. Continue to monitor your Delaware State University email for future updates. Again, we are looking forward to you joining our Hornet family!


You Don’t Need To Apply To DSU
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