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Student Organization Email Address Request Form

Email Address Request Guidelines

  • The club President with the advisor approval is the only one that may request the email address to be created.
  • Someone from IT will work with the club President to create a mutually acceptable email account based on their organization’s name that also follows the naming scheme.
  • The email address will be in the format of organizationname(at)wesley.edu.
  • The organization email account will be visible in the Global Address List on premises so it can be seen by faculty and staff.
  • The organization may use their organization email address on any digital signage, print media, social networking or any other medium they desire.
  • The organization email account will NOT have the ability to email the All Students distribution groups.
  • The organization email account will be able to receive email from any source.
  • Student organization email accounts have a mailbox quota of 100MB. Because of this limitation we encourage the organizations to keep their mailboxes cleaned up. The quota alert levels are as follows:
  1. Warning = 80MB
  2. Prevent Sending Email = 90MB
  3. Prevent Sending & Receiving Email = 100MB.
  • The email accounts are accessed by going to http://webmail.wesley.edu and logging in with the information you are provided.
  • The club President may give the login information for this service mailbox to whomever in the organization they choose.
  • The password for the account can be reset at any time if it is forgotten but the request must come from the club President.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.