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Spiritual Life

Wesley College is committed to the development of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. Recognizing the importance of spiritual growth, Wesley College provides a variety of intentional opportunities for students, staff, and faculty to explore questions of faith, of justice, of responsibility to the larger community.

From the Wesley College Mission Statement

“Consistent with our Methodist heritage, the College affirms meaning and purpose in life through justice, compassion, inclusion and social responsibility that enhance community life and respect for the environment.”

As a United Methodist Related College, Wesley recognizes the importance for spiritual understanding, direction, and expression in the life of our students. Wesley College promotes individual involvement in corporate religious activities and encourages each student to participate in organizations and worship services on and off campus, according to personal choice and religious affiliation.

Mission: Connect, Grow, Serve

The mission of Wesley College Spiritual Life is to offer the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ to all persons by providing a quality environment for our students to grow towards physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness. Every person is challenged to pursue their faith journey freely with open hearts, open minds, and open doors.


The vision of Wesley College Spiritual Life is to develop principled Christian leaders for the transformation of the world.