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Meet the Hall Staff – Roe

Area Coordinator

Jovana Fitzgerald | Area Coordinator

Jovana Fitzgerald

  • Bio: Originally from sunny Southern California, Jovana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a Leadership and Human Relations Certificate from Boise State University. As well as a Master of Science degree in Higher Postsecondary Education from Syracuse University. In her free time, you can catch her listening to music, going to the movies, and enjoying time with friends and family.
  • Email: jovana.fitzgerald(at)


Student Staff

Beth Manlove | Resident Coordinator

Beth Manlove

  • Hometown:  Felton, DE
  • Class:  Senior
  • Major:  Elementary Education and Special Education
  • Favorite Book: Make Lemonade
  • Favorite Movie:  Finding Nemo
  • What I love about Wesley College: I love the small classes, community feel, and having the opportunity to meet the people that I have.


Jemuel Cypress | Resident Assistant

Jemuel Cypress

  • Hometown:  Seat Pleasant MD
  • Class:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Business Marketing
  • Favorite Book: The Art Of War
  • Favorite Movie:  Menace 2 Society
  • What I love about Wesley College: I love the people here and the connections that I have made.


Jasmine Wagner | Resident Assistant

Jasmine Wagner

  • Hometown:  Newark. DE
  • Class:  Sophomore
  • Major:  Elementary/ Special Ed.
  • Favorite Book: The Giver
  • Favorite Movie:  Aladdin
  • What I love about Wesley College: I love how small Wesley is because it makes it easier to make friends and have a good connection with your professors!


Kaiyah James| Resident Assistant

Kaiyah James

  • Hometown:  Newark. DE
  • Class:  Sophomore
  • Major:  English
  • Favorite Book: Into the Wild
  • Favorite Movie:  Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • What I love about Wesley College: I love the professors here at Wesley. They are very welcoming and understanding.


Jacob Mitchell | Resident Assistant

Jacob Mitchell

  • Hometown:  Queens, NY
  • Class:  Junior
  • Major:  Nursing
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Favorite Movie:  New Jack City
  • What I love about Wesley College: Wesley is usually peaceful and quiet.