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Meet the Hall Staff – Carpenter

Area Coordinator


Student Staff


Malia Smith | Resident Assistant

Malia Smith

  • Hometown:  Baltimore, Maryland
  • Class:   Junior
  • Major:  Biology
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Movie:  Cast Away
  • Advice to 1st year students:  Join as many organizations and clubs as possible without overloading yourself. It makes for a better college experience.


Kaden Kurtis | Resident Assistant

Kaden Kurtis

  • Hometown:  Middletown, DE
  • Class:  Junior
  • Major:  Exercise Science
  • Favorite Book: “Animal Farm”
  • Favorite Movie:  Hitch
  • Advice to 1st year students: School comes first; you can hang out with your friends anytime.


Shavar Falcon | Resident Assistant

Shavar Falcon

  • Hometown:  Baltimore, Maryland
  • Class:  Junior
  • Major:  Biology
  • Favorite Book: “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee
  • Favorite Movie:  The Princess and The Frog
  • Advice to 1st year students: Stay focused, use your resources but have fun.


Chris Lobley | Resident Assistant

Chris Lobley

  • Hometown:  Worton, Maryland
  • Class:  Junior
  • Major:  Sports Managemen
  • Favorite Book: Percy Jackson series
  • Favorite Movie:  Avengers Endgame
  • Advice to 1st year students: Become involved in as many organizations as possible and be prepared to learn from your own mistakes.