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Carpenter Hall

General Information

Carpenter Hall is a traditional co-ed residence hall. There are 3 floors , each floor has 2 community bathrooms.

Housing & Meal Plan Rates

Room Set Up

Carpenter Hall is set up in a typical residence hall layout with two students per room and community bathrooms. Carpenter Hall rooms are approximately 12’9” X 10”. Carpenter Hall also provides medical singles for residents with disabilities. Single rooms are 13’1” X 7’3”. Each room in Carpenter Hall is furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and a wardrobe. All beds are twin XL.

  • Cable Television: Each room is wired for cable TV. The cost of basic cable television is included in the price of the room. XFinity On Campus (Streaming) is also available to resident students
  • Laundry Rooms: There is one laundry room located on the first floor of the building. There are 4 washing machines and 6 dryers available to residents. Each load costs $1.50 and the machines accept quarters or you can use your College ID with preloaded money!
  • Internet: Internet access is provided to students living on campus. Carpenter Hall rooms are equipped with 2 internet jacks- one for each student. Wi-Fi is also available in Carpenter Hall.
  • Microwave: A microwaves is provided in the common area on the 1st floor to use.
  • Vending: The lobby of Carpenter Hall is equipped with 3 vending machines – 1 snack and 2 soda

Hall Staff

Contact Info

The phone number to the Carpenter Hall Office is (302) 736-2999.