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Roommates FAQs

How can I choose a roommate?

Roommate requests for first – year students and transfer students takes place during the summer throughout the time that summer orientation occurs. Students who meet or make a compatible friend during orientation are encouraged to fill out and submit a Roommate Request Form. All roommate requests must be reciprocal. This means that both roommates must select one another in order to have the opportunity to live together. If both roommates do not submit a request, it will not be granted. First – year students that do not find or request a roommate will fill out a housing questionnaire (a link will be provided during the admissions process). The Residence Life Staff will assign students based off the questionnaire so please be honest when answering the questions.

When will I learn who my roommate is?

Room selection occurs every summer after the incoming first-year class is finalized and all students have had the opportunity to attend Jump Start (summer orientation). Typically, room assignments and roommates are posted on MyWesley under the “Campus Life” tab by mid-July of each summer. Please be patient while waiting to receive your assignment; Phone inquiries about housing and roommate assignments only delay us from Room assignments!

I received my housing assignment and I can tell that I won’t like my future roommate. What do I do?

Wesley College is a place of learning where students are encouraged to embrace diversity and to gain life skills like conflict resolution, assertiveness, relationship building, and other qualities necessary to operate in the public world upon graduating from Wesley. Once room assignments are made, they are official and cannot be changed. The Office of Residence Life will not change room assignments for any reason, and encourages all students to prepare for life in the residence halls with an open mind. The first opportunity for a room change will be the third week of classes each semester. These are our Open Room Change periods when students can apply for room and/or residence hall changes. Applications are approved based on space availability.

If I do not get along with my roommate, can I find a new one?

The residence life staff works hard to help residents resolve conflict. In fact, at the beginning of the semester, all roommates fill out a “Roommate Agreement” that details how each person agrees to function and behave as they live together. Each roommate is expected to live up to their end of the roommate agreement. Should there be substantial reasons to change rooms and find a new roommate the residence life staff will work with residents to do so.