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Room Selection FAQs

What is Room Retention and Selection?

Room Retention and Selection take place in the Spring semester, typically in the month of March. Room Retention provides current students with the opportunity to retain their current room for the following year. For example, if a student lives in 406 Roe Hall in Spring 2015, they may retain the same room for the 2015-2016 academic year. The room retention process always takes place prior to the room selection process.

Room selection allows students to select a room anywhere they are approved to live on campus. The selection process typically takes place over the period of two nights, and residents may select based upon their year in school. For example, Juniors and Seniors with 60+ credit hours are permitted to select their new room first, followed by Sophomores and First-Year students.

I am an upperclassman and want to live with an incoming new student next year. How can I do so?

Upperclassmen are encouraged to go through the room selection or retention process each March. In doing so, they can indicate that they are interested in living with an incoming student the following year. The new student must fill out a roommate request indicating the current students’ name and information (all roommate requests must be reciprocal) by the deadline set forth during orientation. The roommate matching is not guaranteed, and is dependent upon their deposit date and Admissions & Residence Life paperwork.