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Residence Halls FAQs

Do I have to live on campus?

All Students are required to live on campus during their first two years at Wesley College; unless they are commuting from the residence of their legal guardian and that residence is within 40 miles from Campus. Students may fill out a “Residential Living Appeal” form and submit it to the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life in College Center 122 to request permission to move off campus prior to their third year at Wesley.

When will I receive my room assignment?

Room assignments are made during the month of July and will be posted under the “Campus Life” tab in MyWesley. Roommate information will be included in the room assignment. Assignments are final once they are posted on MyWesley.

What are the differences between the traditional halls?

Traditional Halls are the most affordable halls on campus. All of the residents assigned to Carpenter Hall are first-year students (Minus the RA’s). The halls are co-ed by floor with 2 bathrooms per floor, and residents share common bathroom spaces. Roe Hall is a Traditional Hall for Students after their First year of College. Sophomores – Seniors may live in this hall, these rooms are also co-ed by floor with 2 bathrooms per floor, and residents share common bathroom spaces.

Are the residence halls co-ed?

All of our residence Halls are Coed by floor, but the different rooms will be same-gender. For example, two men may live in one room the same hallway next to two women. In Carpenter & Roe Hall, there are bathrooms for men and women on each floor or wing. In Malmberg & Zimmerman Hall, each room has its own bathroom.

May I live with a member of the opposite sex?

No, all bedrooms and living arrangements are same-gender.

I am a first-year student, what halls can I live in?

First-year students live in Carpenter Hall

Are single rooms available?

The institution has a handful of medical singles that are offered to residents with written medical documentation indicating their need for living in a single room. This documentation must be submitted to and approved by the Coordinator of The Student Accessibility Center. Single rooms may be available based on occupancy after your First year. Single rooms, unless approved by the Coordinator of SAC, are charged an additional cost based on which building the single room is granted.

What does it mean to live in a substance free building?

Substance Free means no drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or the use of recreational drugs.

How do I qualify to live in Zimmerman Hall?

Zimmerman Hall is an upperclass student, apartment-style residence hall. Four students live in each apartment, and they are equipped with a full kitchen, ample storage space, a shared common room, and two bedrooms each with a personal bathroom. Residents are eligible to live in Zimmerman Hall after the completion of their First year.

How do I qualify to live in the Honors House?

The Honors House is located on the corner of Division Street and Bradford Street. Residents must be a returning or transfer students in the Honors Program. All those that request to live in the Honors House must be approved by the Director of the Honors Program.

Is there wireless internet in the halls?

Yes, there is wireless internet in the residence halls and several locations throughout campus.

Are the halls safe?

The Office of Residence Life and the Office of Public Safety work very closely together to provide for the safety and well-being of all residents. However, the halls are only as safe as each resident makes them. Residents are encouraged to always lock their doors and windows (even when just going down the hall to use the restroom), to not allow non-Wesley students into the hall, and to report suspicious behavior to Public Safety or a residence life staff member.

What is my address?

Residents are given a mailbox (NOT P.O. Box) in the mail room on the basement floor of the College Center. Here is a Sample of what to expect for your address:

Box #
Wesley College
120 North State St.
Dover, DE 19901