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Consolidation FAQs

What is Room Consolidation?

Consolidation is a period of time that takes place in the beginning of each semester that allows residents to consolidate if they do not have roommates. Residence Life staff members assist residents in the consolidation process. Residents should expect for a new roommate to move in with them, or move to a room where a roommate is needed.

Why does consolidation take place?

It is our policy to provide housing for as many residential students as possible. When students sign the housing application or complete the housing selection process, they agree to live in a double room with another individual. We hold all students accountable for this for several reasons: 1. To provide students with the full college experience by allowing them to experience the joys of living with a fellow Wolverine 2. To ensure that residents pay for the room and living arrangements for which they agreed 3. To provide for the safety and security of all individuals living on campus 4. To save electricity, water, heating and air conditioning costs, and to encourage the community to be more “green.”

My roommate moved out, why do I have to consolidate?

Please see the above information about why consolidation takes place in the residence halls. The residence life staff works diligently to provide students with a comfortable, safe living environment. They will work with all residents to find the best possible living arrangement during the consolidation process, but residents may have to move and should expect to live in a double room with a second person.