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Orientation Staff

2018 Orientation Leader Staff information! What is an Orientation Leader?

Orientation Leaders (OL’s) are Wesley students that are trained as a team for the arrival of the Class of 2022. The OL’s are selected based upon their leadership skills, academic standing, and a proven willingness to help other students succeed.

OL’s can help answer questions or concerns for incoming students. Please feel free to engage in a friendly chat about the campus, activities, and life at Wesley College with one of the OL’s!

2018 Orientation Leaders

  • Evan Otero (Senior – Liberal Studies Major)
  • Jeanerre Smith (Senior – Business Administration Major)
  • Lexus Commodore (Senior Exercise Science Major)
  • Jamal Earls (Senior – Law and Justice Studies Major)
  • Grant Ford (Sophomore – Law and Justice Studies Major)
  • Alexa Cherico (Senior – Double Major in Law and Justice Studies & Music)
  • Afesha Pierre (Sophomore – Law and Justice Studies)
  • My’Asia Davis (Senior – Exercise Science)
  • Rex Chege (Junior – Kinesiology – Pre-Professional Physical Therapy Major)
  • Madison O’Neil (Junior – Nursing)

Evan Otero

Jeanerre Smith

Lexus Commodore

Jamal Earls

Grant Ford

Alexa Cherico

My’Asia Davis

Rex Chege

Afesha Pierre

Madison O'Neil

Madison O’Neil