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IM Sports FAQs

How do I register to participate in Intramural sports?

Registration forms can be picked up at the Intramural table in the College Center during the week that registration forms are due, or at the Student Life Information Desk outside of CC125. Registration forms need to be completely filled out with all participant’s contact information and submitted to an IM Official or Coordinator of Intramural Sports by 4:30 p.m. on the registration date.

What if I don’t have a team?

No team? No problem. The Intramural sports program encourages all students to participate. Any student who does not have a team can sign up as a free agent and will be placed on a team by the Intramural sports staff.

When do we play?

Games take place on weeknights as well as on Sundays. Game times vary and each captain is given a schedule at the start of each league. Schedules for each sport can be found on the schedule section of the Intramural page on the Wesley College website.

Do I have to have my own equipment?

Absolutely not! Students only need proper workout attire—white soled sneakers and sweats to play in. Although it is not required, teams are also encouraged to have matching uniforms or to wear matching colors during games. For each Intramural sports season, all equipment will be provided by the Intramural staff. However, all equipment needs to stay in good shape so that it can be used again. This means that all participants need to be respectful of the equipment and make sure that it is being used properly.

What if I don’t have any athletic ability?

Trip over your feet a lot? Want to lose a few extra pounds? Intramural sports provide all students with the chance to participate in a sport. Although the level of game play during our seasons can be intense, all that is needed to participate is a positive attitude. Students have the opportunity to exercise while meeting new people. Athletic abilities range on each and every team, from varsity athletes to Intramural refs, but everyone is playing for the same reason: To have fun and win an Intramural champions t-shirt!

What is Pay-for-Play?

Pay-for-Play is new to the Wesley College Intramural program, and used by Intramural and Recreation programs at institutions across the nation. Teams are required to pay a $20 entrance fee at the beginning of each league. If a team forfeits one or fewer games, the team receives $10 back at the end of the season. If a team forfeits two or more games, then they do not receive any money back and may forfeit the rest of the season. Research shows that teams that pay to participate hold themselves more accountable and forfeit fewer games. The revenue generated through Pay-for-Play allows the Intramural team to purchase new Championship t-shirts each academic year.