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Intramural Sports & Recreation

Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports & Recreation program at Wesley College is designed to provide an opportunity for students to participate in organized recreational competition. This program allows community members to practice good sportsmanship in a supportive atmosphere that promotes wellness, community, and competitive pride. In support of the Wesley College Mission Statement, the Intramural Sports & Recreation program strives to impart knowledge that will empower a diverse group of participants to attain physical health and wellness while demonstrating the skills necessary to be successful leaders, problem solvers, and team workers in the world.

Sports clubs give the College community an opportunity to participate in highly competitive sports, maintain physical health, learn new skills, demonstrate good sportsmanship, work as a team, and develop leadership skills. The purpose of the Club sports program is to foster the growth and development of the individuals participating and the team as a collective whole.

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Intramural Sports Team poses for photo

Intramural Sports Team