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Behavioral Intervention Team Policy


To provide a timely intervention resource for students, faculty and staff in order to address student behavioral issues and promote student academic success and safety through appropriate and timely response. The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is an Advisory group to the Dean of Student Affairs.


The BIT Team will serve as a central network focused on preventive and timely intervention before a crisis arises. The BIT Team is a resource for faculty, staff and students by which they can report student behaviors of concern. Examples of such instances include, but are not limited to: behavior which appears to be dangerous or threatening to oneself or others, troubling behavior, angry, hostile, or abusive behavior or other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive. In some cases there may be no violation of the Wesley College Student Code of Conduct, but the behavior may evoke alarm or concern among involved persons.


  • Receive and gather information about behavior which appears to be dangerous or threatening to one self or others, troubling behavior, angry, hostile, or abusive behavior or other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive involving students.
  • Develop specific strategies to manage potentially harmful or disruptive behavior with regard to safety and rights of others and in order to minimize the disruption to the college community.
  • Make recommendations to college officials on appropriate action(s) consistent with college policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate the college response to potentially harmful/disruptive situations.

Develop and disseminate informational materials focused on identification and prevention of disruptive behavior.
BIT is not a crisis response team but acts in a proactive manner to assist students once identified and acts to Assist in student success, recognize the early development of issues that may interfere with that success and ideally to prevent violence on campus.
Behavioral Intervention Team Members

  • Wanda Anderson – Dean of Students
  • Garrick Cornish – Director of Public Safety
  • Christopher Willis – Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life
  • Melanie Grimes – Coordinator of Counseling Services

As Needed Team Members

Other college officials may be asked to serve on the team in specific situations as needed. The team will consult with the Dean of Student Affairs as needed. The team will meet bi-weekly or as needed.

Referral Process

Members of the Wesley College community may refer students of concern to BIT through the Office of Student Affairs. The Behavior Intervention Report Form is accessible above. This form should be downloaded, completed and turned in to the Office of Student Affairs, College Center, Room 125. All referrals and files will be kept separate from judicial files until such time the behavior becomes a Student Code of Conduct violation.

If you believe the student or community is in immediate danger, please contact the Dover Police at 911.

If you would like to refer someone to the Behavior Intervention Team, please fill out, print and return the Referral Form to the Office of Student Affairs.

Behavior Intervention Team Report