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What to Bring to Campus

What To Bring (Information Technology)

Resident Hall rooms are provided with most communication amenities. Included are the following:

  • Comcast Cable (one per room) featuring nearly 90 channels.
  • Wired network jack (one per resident in the room)
  • Campus-wide wi-fi

Due to the proliferation of cell phones, analog phones in the rooms are no longer offered as a standard service.

In order to take advantage of these services, students should bring the following items with them if they are living on campus:

  • 75ohm Co-ax cable
  • Cat-5 or better ethernet computer cable

For cable TV connections, one per room is provided. Contact your roomate(s) prior to coming to campus to determine who will be bringing these items to campus. For wired computer connections, one per resident is provided and you must bring a cable to campus.

We also recommend the following items for safety and security:

  • computer security cable to secure the computer to the desk
  • surge protector to avoid power surge damage

Wi-fi has been intalled in all areas of the college, inside and outside. This is a secure network that requires your student network access userid and password to access it and in most cases, special instructions to set up your device. Access the Information Technology Self Help section for instructions.

Any wi-fi enabled device (laptops, Macbooks, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, iTouches) will be able to connect to the wi-fi.

In addition to a separate wi-fi access for students only, Information Technology has implemented a separate wi-fi for gaming consoles, such as Xbox & PlayStation, TVs, Blu-Ray players and other entertainment devices. This wi-fi network is built strictly for the types of devices mentioned above, not laptops. The network name is Wesley_WEN, and the password is available by contacting Information Technology at 736-4199, on the “Student” tab of My Wesley, or you can email support(at)wesley.edu. You must provide your room number for access. This network is NOT available for the Nintendo Wii due to degraded performance issues that the game console creates. In order to connect your Wii, you must connect using a network cable and the Wii network adapter.

Due to the implementation of campus-wide wi-fi, personal routers are no longer allowed in Resident Halls. Routers detected will be confiscated and students fined for Failure To Comply.

Questions should be referred to the Information Technology Help Desk at 736-4199 or email to support(at)wesley.edu.