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What to Bring to Campus

What To Bring (Information Technology)

Resident Hall rooms are provided with most communication and technical amenities.

Included are the following:

  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi
  • Xfinity on campus offering over 190 channels, streaming from any device, On Demand shows and movies, and the ability to record up to 20 hours of your favorite viewing content
  • Standard Comcast Cable (one connection per room) featuring nearly 90 channels
  • Wired network jack (one connection per room)

Due to the proliferation of cellular phones, analog phones in the rooms are no longer offered as a standard amenity.

In order to take advantage of these services, students may want to consider bringing the following items with them if they are living on campus.

  • Ethernet Cable (Cat-5e or better)
  • Co-ax cable for standard cable TV (not needed for the Xfinity on Campus service)

For standard cable TV connections (one per room is provided), it is a good idea to contact your roommate(s) prior to coming on campus to determine who will bring which items to campus.

We also recommend the following items for safety and security:

  • Computer security cable to secure any of your computer or gaming equipment to the desk
  • Surge protector to avoid any possible power surge damage

Wi-Fi has been installed in all areas of the college, inside and outside.  Wesley College provides secure networks that requires a SSID password.  Any Wi-Fi enable device (Windows Computers and laptops, MAC’s, smartphones, iPads, iPhones, android phones, etc.) will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi.