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Student Shutdown

Notice to User

If you are seeing this page and are unable to browse anywhere else on the Internet, your Internet access has been temporarily revoked due to activity coming from or to your computer. Your access has been revoked for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Too many people are attempting to connect to your PC and/or your PC is attempting to connect to several other computers, beyond what is considered normal Internet traffic.
  • Your PC is sharing out information, and/or is taking up too much bandwidth. While this is usually caused by using file sharing programs, it is possible that you have adware, malware, etc. on your computer. The best way to avoid future shutdowns is to ensure that your antivirus program is current, and by not using file sharing programs.

You should bring your PC down to the Information Systems Department, so we can check your system to see if you are infected with a virus or if you would like assistance in removing programs that caused the access to be revoked. This will take roughly 3 to 5 business days dependant on the current volume of work. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Information Systems at (302) 736-4199.

If you are a repeat offender, you will be given lower priorty and your access may be shut down for 10 business days or longer. Subsequent offenders may have their Internet access permanently revoked for the semester.

Information Systems is located in the basement of Parker Library.