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Q. What do I bring to campus?

For those students living on campus in a Wesley College residence hall, you may want to contact your roommate(s) sometime in the before coming to campus. There are a few shared resources that only one resident per room will need to bring for connectivity. Please click this link to see more details on what to Bring.

Q. So what kind of computer should I bring?

The type of computer you use is whatever you prefer. However, if you bring a Windows computer, we would suggest it is one with Windows 10 installed on it.  Note:  it is the College Policy that all computers have up-to-date virus software loaded before connecting to the campus network.

Q. I forgot my My.Wesley password

Contact the IT Help Desk at 302.736.4199 for your password.  Please provide the information requested on the phone and we will provide your password. We cannot send the password via email.

Q. How do I access my student email or reset my email password?

Email for students is provided through Office 365. Student may log in using their provided userid and passwords.  You can access the email website by going through your My.Wesley webpage or by typing http://webmail.wesley.edu in your browser address bar.

New student emails are provided during the application process.

Q. I am not getting Emergency Alert messages on my cell phone, or I have received notification that I must validate my information?

Wesley College has an Alert system, and students (and parents) should sign up for the alerts.  For self-enrollment, click HERE.

Q. My computer won’t work, can Wesley IT help?

For personal computers, basic services are provided for student and faculty. The Technology staff can provide some support and diagnosis to determine what the problem might be; and may be able to resolve or recommend the best steps to correct any issues.

Q. My computer works fine, but I do not get Internet in my room?

Wesley College Information Technology provides Wi-Fi or a network connection for each room for those student living in campus housing.  A network cable (Cat-5e or better) would be needed for wired connection. If you have any issues connecting to the Internet, please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD).

Q. My TV does not work in my room? I do not get any channels, how do I set it up?

While each room does have standard cable, Wesley College does offer Xfinity on Campus.  Xfinity on campus allows residential student the ability to stream live TV from any device (computers laptops, tablets, cellular phones). With a TV students can stream from a Roku device or a newer Samsung TV.  If you have any questions or concerns about cable, please contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD).

Q. Do I need Microsoft Office or a compatible Office software on my computer?

Wesley College provides its students access to computer labs throughout the campus and students may use various software already installed on these computers.  If a student wishes to use their own device, Wesley College does grant free access to Office 365.