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Computer Labs

On-Campus Computer Labs

Wesley College has more than 140 PC’s located in 11 labs and 13 MAC’s in the Media Arts Lab on the Dover Campus.

IMPORTANT! On Computer Lab PC’s, you cannot save work to the computer, YOU MUST SAVE WORK TO A FLASH DRIVE. A GOOD RULE OF THUMB IS TO SAVE OFTEN! A power outage or PC failure will result in the loss of any unsaved work!

44 General access computers are located in the Parker Library Building on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and in the Academic Resource Center at the end of the hall on the 1st floor. All PC’s run Microsoft Windows 7 and have Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher) installed.

Additional Computer Labs located in Budd Hall, Cannon Hall, College Center, Dulany Hall, and Slaybaugh Hall are limited access with a priority to student in the respective majors in those areas due to specific installed software. These areas are open for general use in extreme cases when the general areas listed above are otherwise not available. All PC’s run Microsoft Windows 7 and have Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher) installed.

BuildingLab NameLocationExtensionComputers
Budd HallEducation LabRoom 217 2431 15 PC’s
Budd HallPsych LabRoom 105 2471 4 PC’s
Budd HallPhys Ed LabRoom 8 2348 8 PC’s
Longwood HallPsych LabRoom 103 — 6 PC’s
Cannon HallScience LabRoom 106 — 15 PC’s
Cannon HallINBRE LabRoom 108 2528 10 PC’s
Cannon HallMath LabRoom 8 2310 15 PC’s
College CenterMedia Arts Lab4th Floor 2449 12 MAC’S
Dulany HallNursing LabRoom 6 2488 21 PC’s
Parker Library*Parker Library Main LabParker Library 2413 32 PC’s
Parker LibraryParker Library Main LabParker Library 2413 2 MAC’S
Parker Library*Parker Library 2nd FloorParker Library 2413 8 PC’S
Parker Library*Academic Computer LabParker Library, Basement Floor, PL12 2505 18 PC’S
Slaybaugh HallBusiness LabRoom 3 2788 21 PC’S
Slaybaugh HallParalegal LabRoom 1 2451 12 PC’S

Important Notes

  • Before utilizing any Wesley College Computer lab, please review the Computer and Network Use Policy. Violations of this policy may result in suspension of your computer privileges as well as further discipline.
  • *All computer labs except for the Library are automatically logged on for use. The Library requires student logon: firstname.lastname (do not use the @email.wesley.edu) address and password.
  • Wesley College Information Technology uses a technology that will automatically reboot Lab PC’s to the original configuration after 10 minutes of idle time. We recommend the use of a flash, or thumb, drive to save your personal files.
  • Save your work frequently to ensure that you do not lose anything, should your PC unexpectedly lock up or some other unforeseen problem to occur.
  • We recommend good practices of backing up files from your thumb drive to your personal computer, CD or DVD, or multiple thumb drives.
  • Printing is available in some labs and the Parker Library has available printers for a nominal fee. Please remember to bring change with you.