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Financial Aid Checklist

The 5 simple steps to finishing your financial aid

Step 1: Read your award letter.

Review the enclosed award letter. For more information on each award offered, please consult the inside of the information brochure included with your award letter.

Step 2: Determine your cost of attendance.

Estimate your cost of attendance using the worksheet on the back of the enclosed Schedule of Charges. Compare your award letter to your estimated cost of attendance to determine what your balance may be.

Step 3: Accept your awards.

Decide which awards on your award letter you would like to accept and cross out any awards you wish to decline. Return a signed copy of your award letter to the Student Financial Planning Office and keep one for your records.

Step 4: Apply for your Federal Direct Loans.

If you accept the Federal Direct Loans (subsidized /unsubsidized), follow the enclosed instructions on how to complete the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling. Your loans cannot be applied to your cost of attendance until you complete both steps.

Step 5: Cover your balance.

Secure additional funding for any gap in your estimated cost of attendance minus your financial aid. See the enclosed Financing & Payment Options flier for additional information. Remember to include extra money for additional costs like books, supplies and personal expenses that are not included on the Schedule of Charges.

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