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Writing Center

RTEmagicC_Writing_Tutor-revised.jpgThe Wesley College Writing Center seeks to assist students in gaining the writing skills and knowledge necessary to achieve personal academic success. By providing a comfortable, supportive environment, students are encouraged to learn on their own or through one-on-one tutoring sessions.


In addition to offering a place for students to write and receive peer tutoring, the Wesley College Writing Center facility is designed to support classes with an emphasis on writing. Our technology-equipped classroom of 20 computers features an overhead projector and laptop available for instructor use. Students have access to the computers for personal use during most of the week when the Center is not used for classes.

Prefer to work on your own?

Extensive reference materials for writing are available in the Writing Center! From textbooks to a vast array of individually created handouts covering all aspects of academic writing and research, all Wesley students have access to the information needed to successfully complete any writing assignment. From guides for MLA or APA format to citation helps and grammar hints, you are certain to find a handout to assist you in your research work. Reference books may be used while in the Center while handouts are available for students to take at any time.

Want to download a specific handout from the Writing Center? Click here to access all the handouts available for you to use.


The Writing Center and its 20 computers are available for student use when the ARC and Parker Library are open. If classes are meeting, students can use the computers in the Library main area.

Writing Tutoring Across the Curriculum

Writing Center tutors are Wesley students who excel in writing, are recommended by faculty, and maintain a required overall GPA. After each session with a student, the peer tutors provide written feedback in a memo sent to each student’s professor.

Trained to assist students to improve their writing skills not just English but in all courses, Writing Center tutors complete a course, EN201, in preparation for their work as a tutor. After completion of training, writing tutors are eligible for certification by the international College Reading and Learning Center (CRLA).

Need Extra Assistance?

Check out our page of writing assistance links to other websites!

How can students get writing assistance?

Tutors are available to assist students on a drop-in basis or by appointment through TutorTrac. Not sure how to use TutorTrac? We have a “how-to guide” on how to make appointments and use the software!

Writing tutors are available following the academic calendar whenever the ARC is open.

Policy for reserving the writing center

The Writing Center may be reserved by faculty for use as a classroom on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to writing classes, but all Wesley faculty may reserve the Center for class instruction in academic research and writing. Please indicate if the laptop is needed for use with projector and screen.

Reserve the Writing Center for a class by contacting:

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