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Managing Your Degree

The following is an overview of a student’s academic journey at Wesley College, highlighting key events and decision making points along the way. It is not intended as a substitute for thorough and careful reading of the college catalog or for regular visits with academic advisors.

Declaring a Major

Most students declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. The earlier that decision is made, the more likely the student will be able to complete all graduation requirements in a timely fashion.

Fulfilling Program Requirements

Some departments have admissions requirements over and above those of the college. All departments have course and GPA requirements that students majoring in their programs of study must meet. Students should be familiar with these requirements as outlined in the college catalog to assure acceptance into and successful completion of their desired course of study.

Fulfilling Core Requirements

All students must fulfill the requirements of the Wesley College core curriculum. Students should be aware, however, that departments may further delineate core course requirements for certain majors.

Courses Taken at Other Institutions

All baccalaureate candidates must earn a minimum of 45 credit hours at Wesley College, at least 21 of which must be in their major field of study. Undergraduate course credits may be transferred from another regionally accredited institution provided the grades earned are C or better. (Note: Courses in which a grade of C- is received are not transferable.) Transfer grades will not be computed into the student’s Wesley GPA.

Preparing for Graduation

It is never too early for students to prepare for graduation. In consultation with academic advisors, students should consider core curriculum and major program of study requirements every time they register for courses, and they should keep track of grades earned and their cumulative GPA. Students in good academic and financial standing can view their unofficial transcript on their “My Wesley” site. Formal graduation audits begin in the junior year, but early and ongoing vigilance will avoid unpleasant surprises at that point or later.