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Psychology Course Requirements

Major Requirements

49 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

PY100Introduction to Psychology3
PY102Psychological Science3
PY200Abnormal Psychology3
PY222Statistics for the Social Sciences3
PY232Psychology of Human Development3
PY301Psychology of Personality3
PY302Experimental Psychology3
PY317History and Systems of Psychology3
PY330Cognitive Psychology3
PY412Behavioral Neuroscience3
PY440Psychology Senior Seminar3
One Science Course as listed:BI100, BI110, BI150, BI155, BI210, BI2154
PH100Introduction to Philosophy3
Major Electives9
Major Requirement Credit Hours49
 300-400 LevelFree Electives15
 Any LevelFree Electives24
Total Degree Requirement Credits124


TOTAL Credit Hours 124
*A grade of C or better is required.

Concentration in Clinical Psychology

12 Credit Hours

Students must hold a minimum GPA of 2.5 in courses comprising the clinical concentration. Students must also attain a minimum grade of C (70%) in each of these courses: PY316 Group Processes and Practice, PY318 Developmental Psychopathology OR PY350 Child Adversity & Social Justice in a Global Society, PY405 Psychological Testing, PY408 Introduction to Clinical Psychology.

Note: PY prefix courses only, including the 3 required psychology electives, are included in the 2.5 GPA requirements for graduation.

Proposed Course Schedule