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Internship Program for Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Wesley College offers internships to qualified Psychology majors. Internships provide valuable opportunities for student learning. They are designed to integrate classroom experiences with experiences in a specific career field. Internships provide opportunities to become involved in professional relationships and may be helpful in clarifying career goals.

The internship course, PY416 Senior Psychology Internship, provides students the opportunity to develop a project in connection with a supervised field experience in a social agency, such as a mental health agency, educational institution or government agency.

Students are required to perform a minimum of one hundred fifty (150) hours of related training at the site in order to earn three (3) college credits; a minimum of one hundred (100) hours to earn (2) credit credits; and a minimum of fifty (50) hours to earn one (1) credit. Students may opt to perform internship duties for a maximum of six college credits over two semesters, if desired.

Qualifications consist of a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.2 on a 4.0 scale and enrollment as a Senior (or the Summer preceding the Senior year of college). Internship sites may be identified by either the Department’s Internship Advisor or by the individual student and appropriateness of the site will be determined by the Internship Advisor.

There are many options for internships, based on student interest and availability of placements. In the past, internship environments for students interested in a clinical setting have included private agencies, psychiatric hospitals, and private practitioners’ offices. Sites have included a local homeless shelter, hospice organization, and addictions treatment agency. Students interested in School Psychology have been placed in several local school districts at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Students interested in Forensic Psychology have been placed at local courts and police departments. Students interested in Industrial/Organizational Psychology have been placed in corporate sites.

Other interests have led to placements in fields related to psychology, such as occupational therapy or emergency medical technician. Some students may also identify appropriate internship settings in or near their hometowns and are permitted to perform an internship at these locales during the summer months with appropriate supervision.