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Pre-Professional Physical Therapy Course Requirements

Major Requirements

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

CH150Chemistry I4
CH160Chemistry II4
BI150Biology I4
BI 210Anatomy & Physiology I (Level I core – science)4
BI215Anatomy & Physiology II4
BI327Animal Behavior3
PS240Physics I4
PS250Physics II4
MA111Precalculus I4
MA112Precalculus II (Level I core – math)4
MA201, MA205, OR PY222Upper Level Math Course must be taken to complete Level I core math)3
PY100Introduction to Psychology3
PY232Human Development3
KN203Advanced First Aid3
KN204Motor Learning3
KN205Personal and Community Health3
KN305Exercise Physiology4
KN306Biomechanics/ Kinesiology4
KN307Treatment of Athletics Injuries3
KN327Adaptive Physical Education3
KN/PY 331Psychology of Performance Injury3
KN402AResearch in Practice (Level IV Core – Capstone)3


Free Electives

8 Credit Hours

* A grade of C or better is required.

* MA112 and MA201 OR MA112 and MA205 OR MA112 and PY222 must be taken to substitute for the general core math requirement of MA180.

Must have a 3.0 GPA at the conclusion of the 4th consecutive semester (end of the second year) or completed 68 credits as designated by year one and two of the program.

Course exchanges between semesters may be on option, with academic advisor advisement and approval.

Must complete 100 hours of observation in an appropriate facility to applying for internship, which takes place the semester prior to intended internship semester. All hours must be properly documented.

Total Credit Hours: 124

Proposed Course Schedule