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Political Science


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


Political Science

The Political Science program of Wesley College seeks to afford students the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for civic and professional efficacy and the insight into the human condition that favors personal fulfillment and the good of society.

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum in Political Science offers an academic foundation that is both comprehensive and responsive to current demands in related professions. Wesley’s location in the heart of Delaware’s state capital offers a unique opportunity for combining academic course work with experience, including internship opportunities, in government as well as political and legal organizations. In addition to career opportunities in government, the program prepares the student well for graduate work in Political Science, Law, and Public Administration.

Graduates of the Political Science program:

  1. Gain a solid base of knowledge of the purposes, genesis, structures, and processes of modern political systems, in particular of modern democracies.
  2. Develop a fundamental understanding of the relationship between human needs and aspirations and the nature and exercise of political power.
  3. Develop the cognitive and civic skills requisite to the discerning exercise of freedom.
  4. Acquire insight into the nature of both the individual and social Good, the relationship between the two, and the most promising paths to their realization.

Special Feature

  • Study abroad and internship opportunities
  • Internship Opportunities

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