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Philosophy & Religion


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy & Religion


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion provides students with the tools of critical reasoning and the inspiration for personal reflection with regard to the fundamental questions of human existence. In employing complementary methods of inquiry, students broaden their intellectual horizons while perfecting skills of written and oral expression essential for success in the professions. Course offerings emphasize the invaluable legacy of history and culture in the development of philosophical and religious systems, while providing guidance toward a deeper understanding of contemporary movements. Students investigate the assumptions, principles, and values animating current disputes of vital human importance. These include the nature and impact of religious experience, the relevance of personal, social, and professional ethics, and the limitations of scientific and technological responses to the challenges of human life. A strong background in philosophy and religion offers students an excellent foundation for growth in a world where flexibility and adaptability define the conditions for future success. Historically, students having excelled in philosophy and religion have applied their intellectual skills while pursuing careers in religious ministry, business, law, politics, information technology, the health sciences, and the professions in general.

Graduates of the Philosophy and Religion Program:

  1. Demonstrate a developed awareness and appreciation of the importance of philosophy and religion for addressing the concerns of contemporary life;
  2. Apply advanced skills of critical reasoning to questions of central importance to human existence;
  3. Exhibit advanced proficiency in oral and written communication;
  4. Achieve a solid foundation for potential graduate study in the humanities or the professions;
  5. Develop strong potential for positions of responsibility in professional life.

Special Features

  • Participation in undergraduate philosophy and religion conferences
  • Special Topics and Independent Study courses of interest to students of philosophy and religion
  • Opportunity to provide tutoring services in philosophy and religion
  • Domestic travel and study abroad opportunities of special interest to students of philosophy and religion
  • Guidance and support of students pursuing entry into graduate school programs or professional career opportunities

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