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Nursing Course Requirements

Major Requirements

92 Credit Hours

Course Prefix and Number

Course Name

Credit per Course

BI201 A & P I 4
BI215 A & P II 4
BI310 Microbiology 4
CH130 Chem. for Allied Health 4
MA180 Applied Math Concepts 3
MA210 OR PY 222 Intro to Stats OR Stats for the Social Science 3
NR107 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3
NR203 Client Assessment for Health Promotion 3
NR214 Foundations of Nursing 5
NR228 Health Maintenance & Restoration I 5
NR229 Pathophysiology 3
NR230 Pharmacology 3
NR307 Health & Maintenance Restoration II 5
NR312 Research Nursing 3
NR313 Health & Maintenance Restoration III 5
NR324 Mental Health Nursing 5
NR403 Maternity Nursing 5
NR409 Community Nursing 5
NR421 Critical Thinking to Enhance Nursing Practice 3
NR423 Leadership and Management 3
NR425 Senior Practicum 5
NR426 Transition to Professional Practice 3
PY100 Introduction to Psychology 3
PY232 Psychology of Human Development 3

Major electives

3 Credit Hours

TOTAL Credit Hours 125
*A grade of B or better is required.

Students must attain a B or better grade in all courses with a NR prefix. To be eligible for clinical placements a student must: have a GPA of 3.00 or higher in all NR courses and have a cumulative GP of 2.50 or higher.

Students can fail only one nursing course. The failed course must be repeated at Wesley. Any additional failed nursing class will result in dismissal from the program. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-year program in nursing the graduate receives the BSN degree and is eligible to sit for the National Council of State Boards licensing exam (NCLEX-RN).

Proposed Course Schedule