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Mission & Philosophy of the Nursing Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Nursing mission statement embraces the Wesley College mission and incorporates basic principles of holism, community, lifelong learning and critical thinking into the curriculum design of the basic and advanced nursing programs.

The Wesley College Department of Nursing seeks to prepare graduates to practice holistic nursing at both the beginning and advanced practice level within a global society. We encourage lifelong learning incorporating moral, ethical, and esthetic principles that contribute to personal and professional development. The Department of Nursing provides an environment, which enhances critical thinking and clinical competence within the totality of nursing practice.


The Department of Nursing embraces the beliefs of Wesley College. These beliefs philosophically underpin all program development and design within the Department of Nursing. Further beliefs are stated in terms of nursing education, nursing practice, and health, as nursing has a distinct body of knowledge, which guides nursing practice.

Beliefs fundamental to the Department of Nursing are expressed within the core value of community, and the building of community capacity within the framework of nursing education and nursing practice. Nursing education should serve the individual nurse, the profession and the community. Nursing education is a dynamic process that upholds the principles of life-long learning and respects previous knowledge the individual brings to the educational environment. Nursing education provides a unique, holistic base of theoretic knowledge that prepares the individual to practice in ways that facilitate and promote the health of individuals, families, and communities.

Health is defined as an integrated method of functioning. It is developing and interacting in meaningful ways with the social and physical environment with the goal of maximizing one’s potential (capacity).

The practice of nursing is fundamentally client based, and requires a broad and holistic view of health within the context of community. Nursing practice is collaborative in nature, and requires independent critical thought, a broad theory base, and a scholarly approach to problem solving as well as health promotion.