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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BSN students begin in the first year of study to integrate nursing theory and concepts with knowledge from the college core values which provides them with essential skills and competencies, developing a breadth of knowledge, as well as increasing the depth of knowledge in a chosen area of concentration. This evidence-based knowledge integration, which continues throughout the four years of study, fosters the development of professional attributes and skills to establish humanistic caring relationships through an understanding of the values of both the College and the Department of Nursing. The department offers experiences locally, nationally and abroad. BSN students use the nursing process to critically think through nursing situations to achieve the nursing aims of health promotion, health maintenance, and health restoration. The central focus at all levels of the BSN curriculum is the patient centered health capacity. The client emphasis on the individual, family, and/or the community depends on the level of study in the BSN curriculum. Students build nursing skills and recognition of external and internal environmental forces to assist the patient to achieve desired health capacity. There are no college courses or pre-requisites required to be eligible to begin the nursing program at Wesley College. The mission and the philosophy of the nursing department aligns with the values of the College.

BSN Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Synthesize knowledge from a liberal education in essential skills and competencies, breadth of knowledge, depth of understanding, and application in the major
  • Apply leadership and management skills to provide quality and cost-effective health care
  • Apply the nursing process to provide evidence-based, clinically competent, contemporary professional nursing care
  • Integrate information and health care technology with knowledge based on research to provide competent nursing care
  • Comprehend the implications of the health care system on quality patient care and the scope of nursing
  • Communicate using an ongoing interactive process that builds therapeutic interpersonal relationships
  • Promote healthy lifestyles through health education, community partnerships and health promotion strategies
  • Practice within the values, ethics and standards of professional nursing practice
  • Apply critical thinking skills to provide comprehensive compassionate evidence based nursing care across the life span and in the continuum of health care environments

Special Features

  • Clinical Experience begins in the first year
  • Individualized senior practicum to enhance clinical synthesis
  • Small clinical learning groups

BSN Program Admission

Admission Criteria:

All applicants to the BSN program must meet the admission requirements of the College and the Department of Nursing. Acceptance into the BSN Program is a competitive process. In order for your application to be considered the following criteria must be met:

  • Combined SAT Score of 1000 or greater (out of 1600), or an equivalent score on the ACT Exam
  • Cumulative High School/College GPA of 2.5 or greater on a 4.0 scale
  • A satisfactory score on the Pre Admission Examination
    • NLN-PAX -The current test score requirement is 115 or greater
    • ATI TEAS-V-Student must achieve the test score of proficient to be accepted into the program
    • Pre Admission Examination test scores are valid for three years

If a student fails to achieve a satisfactory Pre Admission score after two attempts he or she must complete an additional semester and can retake the Pre Admission Examination.  They must score a satisfactory score for their application to be re-considered.  All pre entrance testing attempts will be counted, regardless of testing locations, failure to achieve successful completion after a third attempt will result in the student being ineligible for admission into the BSN program at Wesley College.

The Nursing Faculty at Wesley College fully embraces the concept of academic success for all students at the College. In an effort to support the academic success of those students who wish to enroll in the BSN Program at Wesley College, the Nursing Faculty also believe the student must be academically prepared to engage in the challenging curriculum of this program.  Therefore, students who are enrolled in remedial courses (AS198, EN099 and MA099) may not enroll in NR130, Nursing in Today’s world, or take the nursing entrance exam (ATI TEAS-V or NLN PAX) until all remedial courses are successfully completed.  Therefore, these students must be informed upon placement in remedial courses that they are admitted as undeclared students and that it is unlikely that they will be able to complete the BSN Program in four years. 

TEAS V Registration and Test Dates Information

Clinical Requirements

Immunization Criteria

Nursing majors are required to obtain certain immunizations as outlined by our clinical agencies before attending their clinical rotations. Nursing majors are required to provide a full immunization history upon enrollment, and he/she will be required to update their immunizations status periodically while enrolled in the BSN Program.  If a student cannot meet this clinical requirement he/she will not be accepted into the BSN Program, and if admitted, they will not be allowed to progress.  Students are highly encouraged to complete the Hepatitis B vaccination series. Documentation of immunizations must be on file with the Wesley College BSN Program.

For additional immunization information, contact the Student Health Center.

Clinical Required Forms

Nursing Honor Society, Tau Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International

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