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Music History Concentration

Major Requirements

MU101 Aural Skills I1
MU102 Aural Skills II1
MU201 Aural Skills III1
MU202 Aural Skills IV1
MU103 Theory of Music I3
MU104 Theory of Music II3
MU203 Theory of Music III3
MU204 Theory of Music IV3
MU208 History and Literature I3
MU209 History and Literature II3
MU306 Seminar in Music History6(2 x 300 &400)
MU100 World Music3
MU200 History of Jazz3
MU307 History of Opera3
MU303 Conducting3
MU 401 Twentieth Century Music3
MU403 Form & Analysis3
MU1xx Applied Music4(4 semesters)
1 semester at 300 level
MU404 Senior Capstone Project3
Ensemble4(4 semesters)
MU119 Applied Piano2(2 semesters)
Two Free Electives at the 300 & 400 level6

Total Music Core Requirements


Proposed Course Schedule – Music History Concentration